Welcome to the New York State Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention Application Portal

The ESD/SVP Team at the New York State Education Department welcomes you to its secure web-based portal for submission of ESD/SVP applications for funding.  The portal is designed to make it easier and more time efficient to submit an application for the latest Request for Proposals (RFP).
To get started, sign up on the right side of this landing page to register and create your account.  To sign in once you have registered, click on the URL in the confirmation email that will be sent to your email address. (As the "Owner" of your account, you will be able to grant access rights to other "collaborators" on your RFP development team.)

Upon sign-in as a new applicant, you will be directed to a set of required tasks associated with the submission of your proposal. The RFP is available at the Survey Monkey Apply Portal. 

Once you have completed a task, you may “view”, “edit”, “delete and re-upload”, and/or “download” your submission at any time up until the deadline.

A Mandatory Notice of Intent is due March 3, 2021 by 5:00 pm via the Survey Monkey Apply portal. Prospective applicants who do not submit a Notice of Intent will not be eligible to apply for funding. To submit the Notice of Intent, create an application in Survey Monkey Apply. The Notice of Intent will appear as the first task to complete.

The due date for application submissions is March 17, 2021. Complete applications must be submitted electronically via the Survey Monkey Apply portal. 

Applications submitted solely via mail will not be reviewed.

Documents requiring an ink signature must be postmarked no later than March 17, 2021 and sent to:

     New York State Education Department
     Student Support Services
     89 Washington Avenue
     Room 318M EB
     Attn: 2021-26 ESD/SVP Grant Application
     Albany, NY 12234
Hand delivered submissions will not be accepted.




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